Nuvoni for employees of international organisations

As a member of or delegate to an international organization your entitlement to the exemption of VAT is cumbersome at times. Nuvoni unburdens you from the administrative hassle associated with reclaiming VAT. Send us your documents and we will handle the collection process.

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How does it work?

Getting your VAT refund with Nuvoni is very simple due to our mobile app. We’ll explain you how it works;

Step 1

Sign up using your diplomatic ID card

We use the file number on the back of your card to verify who you are and which organisation you work for.

Step 2

Upload your receipts

Once you account is set up you can get started by adding receipts. You can scan your receipts using the camera in our app.

Step 3

Upload your approved certificate 151

We need confirmation that your purchase was cleared for VAT exemption by the Belgian government, hence we require you to upload your approved Certificate 151 and send us the original document by mail.

Step 4

Receive your payment

We refund you the full VAT amount in 6 months. Don’t want to wait? Try premium and you’ll only have to wait 7 business days.

Does Nuvoni work with my organisation?

We already work with a number of organisations who trust us to handle their VAT refunds. Want to talk about a tighter collaboration? Contact us and we will get back to you.

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No registration fee or recurring subscription fees, Nuvoni is usage-based. Just set up your account in under 5 minutes and get started.

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