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Nuvoni was created at the beginning of 2022. The team is building on years of experience in both software development and servicing the Diplomatic community. As a company we hold in high esteem the following values;


Both your personal information as well as your purchases are handled with the utmost confidentiality and careness. Serving the Diplomatic community requires us to uphold the highest security standards.


At any given moment you should be able to consult the current status of your VAT claims. Whenever we move, follow-up and take action we inform you accordingly. Receive insights on the complete administrative process and reimbursement.


Nuvoni thanks you for your trust. We equally value each one of you and continue to improve our services daily.

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Square de Meeûs 35 De Meeûssquare
Bruxelles 1000 Brussel
Belgique - België

License number: ET139.087
VAT: BE0780.735.578
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