Nuvoni for diplomats

Enjoy Diplomatic VAT exemption at any store in Belgium  and get a full VAT refund. Purchases that match your entitlement are exempted of VAT. All stores are included. Ask for an invoice, send us a copy and we will refund you the VAT amount. Fast, easy and full digital!

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How does it work?

Getting your VAT refund with Nuvoni is very simple due to our mobile app. We’ll explain you how it works;

Step 1

Sign up using your diplomatic ID card

We use the file number on the back of your card to verify who you are and which organisation you work for.

Step 2

Upload your receipts

Once you account is set up you can get started by adding receipts. You can scan your receipts using the camera in our app.

Step 3

Receive your payment

We refund you the full VAT amount in 6 months. Don’t want to wait? Try premium and you’ll only have to wait 7 business days.

Nuvoni fuel card

Fuel card

Get access to the largest network of 1.700 fuel stations in Belgium with the Nuvoni tax-free fuel card. Are you entitled to tax-free fuel in Belgium? Sign up with Nuvoni, submit your 136F document and get started.

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No registration fee or recurring subscription fees, Nuvoni is usage-based. Just set up your account in under 5 minutes and get started.

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License number: ET139.087
VAT: BE0780.735.578
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