Nuvoni pioneers mobile first solution for VAT reclaims by diplomats

November 29, 2022

Nuvoni is proud to announce that the FPS Finance has officially recognized it for the creation of E-certificates in Belgium. This makes it the third company in the country with this recognition that is committed to a smooth VAT recovery for diplomats and stands out with its mobile first approach.

When diplomats make certain purchases in Belgium, they are eligible for a VAT refund. Although this has been possible for years, the associated process is still very cumbersome. It can sometimes take months for a reclaim to be processed and refunded. Nuvoni wants to speed up this process and aims for a refund within 7 business days.

Submit reclaims with the Nuvoni app in seconds
First and foremost, Nuvoni wants to make it as easy as possible to submit a VAT reclaim. "Since more people are following up their finances on the go on their smartphones, we have chosen for a mobile first approach. That way, users can take a picture of their invoice after a purchase and upload it in the app," explains Ben Pintens, co-founder and CEO of Nuvoni.

Transparent service without hidden fees
Users can choose a free or paid plan. In the free plan, their refund is transferred after no more than six months. The paid plan additionally guarantees a refund within 7 business days. In this plan, Nuvoni charges 2% of the processed amount, without recurring monthly fees. Nuvoni users only pay when they submit a VAT reclaim.

Professional support for businesses
Nuvoni is aware that processing VAT recovery is no easy task. A handful of applications come in monthly, and because businesses themselves do not benefit from the refund, it is often delayed. "We’ve noticed that the knowledge to process these applications swiftly is not always present. With our in-house expertise, Nuvoni wants to streamline this process for other companies," Pintens clarifies.

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